Foods That Causes And Soothe Uterine Fibroid

For those who want to cure uterine fibroids without surgery, here are some tips on what to eat and what not to eat.

Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor

Hello, I’m Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor.
I’ve been advising clients who have cancer and other serious diseases on what to eat and not to eat from yin and yang of a macrobiotic perspective.

To take care of your body with natural remedies.

There are two types of natural remedies, one to promote excretion and the other to dissolve accumulated substances.

As long as it doesn’t dissolve, no matter how much you try to promote excretion, it’s hard to get out.

For example, you have fibroids.

If you are healthy, wastes that you don’t need in your body will go down as vaginal discharge or menstruation without becoming fibroids, but if you have upward energy instead of downward energy in your lower abdomen, you will become fibroids.

It is caused by sugar, ice cream, and fruits.
It is not something that grows in the soil, but it is the energy that extends upward and expands to make fruits.

These are things that grow up and up like sugar cane, and expand round like eggplants, tomatoes, avocados, watermelons, and melons.

They lower your temperature and try to solidify something more and more. That means your stomach is cold and your uterus is cold.

Then, fat and protein solidify and accumulate.

What types of fats and proteins are responsible?

The answer is something grown in the belly of an animal.

It’s an egg.

Chicken, quail, and fish eggs are the main cause, but cheese is the one that binds around those eggs to grow fibroids bigger.

Cheese is made by adding salt to milk and maturing it, and milk and eggs are born from essentially the same female hormone and the same energy, and both milk and eggs are easy to stick to.

Fibroids grow with eggs as the nucleus, surrounded by cheese, molluscs and primitive animals such as shellfish including scallops, shrimp, squid, and octopus.

The reason why primitive animals are involved is because almost all of their energy is reproductive energy.

Food with these energies activates human reproductive energy, but if you don’t have children or have sex regularly, it’s stored in your body without being converted into energy.

So the first treatment for fibroid is to warm your belly well.

Then, you dissolve the fibroid more and more and put it down with the menstrual bleeding and discharge.

In addition to stopping eating Ying foods I mentioned above, fibroids will not start to dissolve unless you stop eating eggs, cheese, seafood, and meat.

It won’t dissolve unless you block what kept coming in.

That’s energy.

The best thing to dissolve fat and protein is Daikon radish.

It is good to apply Daikon radish juice lotion all over your body, and you should boil dried daikon leaves in hot water, put it in the bath and do a hip-bath every day.

Daikon Radish

Next, cook and mash the Job’s tears, add grated Daikon radish and/or grated ginger and mix well to make a plaster, and stick it on your belly.

You change the plaster 3 or 4 times a day and continue it every day.

Sometimes, instead of using Jacob’s tears plasters, you can use cabbage or potato plasters, and you can add lemon, garlic or mustard to make plasters with a lot of variations.

By doing so, your waves will always feel fresh and happy without getting bored.

A wave is an invisible energy.

Visible fibroids are also stimulated and activated.
Then, one day it will dissolve and flow away.

Your periods will be irregular and your uterus will be in a big fuss, but if you continue for a few years, it will settle down.

Also, I think the inside of your vagina is too alkaline in the first place, so you need to wash the inside of the vagina well.

Add a small amount of pickled plums, lemon juice or brown rice black vinegar to san-nen-bancha tea, and pour it into the vagina using a vaginal washing tool. Keep the vagina tight and hold it for a while and then release.

It’s like an enema.
It is vaginal irrigation rather than intestinal irrigation.

This is also good for endometriosis, uterine cancer, and ovarian cysts.

What you should be careful about in terms of meals is to stop what you have eaten often in the past, use ingredients that neutralize them, and select a cooking method to dissolve them.

Either way, solving your problems by macrobiotics requires an accompanying mind.

If your mind is weak, and if you are lazy, you won’t be able to continue for long.

You may find that changing your diet or doing natural self-treatment is stressful, which will lead you to escape.

For such people, I recommend chanting Heart sutra, Oharae(Shinto prayer), Mantras, Sutras, or singing Kirtan.

He who believes is saved.
I want you to believe in your vitality and work hard with your goals.

Don’t run away to medicine or surgery.
Even if you do, the thing you have to do is the same.

Destiny won’t change unless you change something.

Anyway, with the image of dissolving your fibroids with saliva, you dissolve them by chewing brown rice, cereals, and beans very well.

Written for e-mail magazine on 25th June 2022 in Japanese by Macrobiotic mentor,
Hiroyuki Naka
Translated by Meera Bai

Written for e-mail magazine on 25th June 2022 in Japanese by Macrobiotic mentor, Hiroyuki Naka
Translated by Meera Bai

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“The truth of macrobiotics Part 2”
By Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor

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