8 Natural Remedies of Daikon Radish You Need to Know, From A Macrobiotic Perspective

Daikon radish is sometimes called God vegetable in macrobiotics. No doctor is needed if you have daikon radish!

Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor

Hello, I’m Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor. I’m going to share some of the usages of daikon radish for natural treatment.

Daikon Radish Power

1. Put round slices of daikon radish on the lower abdomen

This will solve menstrual cramps caused by eating too much bread, cookies and crackers.

Menstrual pain occurs when menstrual blood becomes solid or the inside of the uterus becomes hot.

Pasting slices of daikon radish on the lower abdomen will heal menstrual pain.

2. Drink daikon radish juice

It is effective for excessive exercise in the hot sun, excessive salt intake, urinary disturbance caused by excessive eating of animal food, and fever.

3. Miso soup of daikon radish and ginger.

It is effective for atopy, acne, pimples, constipation, eczema, rash and asthma.

4. Grated daikon radish and apple with lemon juice

It is good for sniffling, asthma, nasal congestion and fatty liver.

5. Furofuki Daikon (simmered daikon radish)

It is effective for hypothermia, frequent urination, nephritis and cystitis.

Furohuki Daikon

6. Kiriboshi Daikon (dried daikon radish) Tea.

It is good for acne, pimples, abnormal vaginal discharge, menstrual pain and obesity.

Kiriboshi Daikon (Dried Daikon)

7. Pickled Daikon radish and Carrot with Sweet Vinegar

It is effective for rheumatism, joint tension, sclerosis, blood clot, aneurysm, varicose vein and cerebral infarction.

8. Brown rice porridge with grated daikon radish.

Good for body cramps and swelling and work as a suppressant for wounds.

Brown rice porridge

Use these as a guide and try.

Written for e-mail magazine on 27th May 2022 in Japanese by Macrobiotic mentor, Hiroyuki Naka
Translated by Meera Bai

A YouTube video by Hiroyuki Naka, a macrobiotic mentor.

“The cause of cancer is food. If you know this, cancer will be cured.”

If you stop eating three white foods, you’ll be fine.

If you know this, cancer will be cured

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